QualityEdu provides courses for Employed, Unemployed, Job seekers, School children and Interested parties in community to get upgrade knowledge and vocational skills.


Trade Oriented Courses, Exam Oriented Courses, Grade Oriented, Training & Seminars.


Trade Oriented Courses, Exam Oriented Courses, Grade Oriented, Training, Seminars & Workshops


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Systems, Training & Auditing

We offer our Students an ATF* oriented study pack...

QualityEdu’s courses are designed in line with APF* concept and are in module format. Each module is assessed and prior to Final assessment. The assessment methodology is combined with online, offline with a project work depending on the Level of the Course. Courses are designed in different Level from Foundation Level up to Diploma Level enabling to select as appropriate by the participant. ATF* concept is Allowed free to select (A), Put in to practice (P) & Face Assessments (A)

This is a basic tool to search backward to find the root cause/s for a problem and analyse. Some instances multiple causes may interact together to influence the problem. The Root Cause analysis is diagnosing of vital root cause/s for a problem, and provide with solutions to prevent recurrence or likely to be occur. This relationship is often used in graphical information text.


This is distinguished from Control. QI is focused on increasing the ability of fulfilling the quality requirements in any discipline ie efficiency, effectiveness, traceability, etc. Quality Improvement Fundamentals focuses on importance of gathering data and using them for making decisions to improve the processes or resolve them completely. 


Statistical Process control is a tool, use of statistical techniques to identify the process behavior, to take precautionary action to control and also predict on potential problems which could occure in the process. This is really a tool kit comprises of many statistical techniques to apply as appropriate to the situation.


We establish UTH* Services for our Clients...

QualityEdu’s consultancy services are committed to meet Client’s requirements on time with professional approach. We advice, support , Establish and assist to maintain Quality, Environment & Laboratory Management Systems and Civil Security & Disaster Management Systems. We organise courses to uplift the knowledge, training to enhance productivity & workplace safety, mock demos for emergency preparedness and auditing of management systems. UTH* stands for User Friendly (U), Tailor made (T) and Healthy Services (H) for our valued Clients.

International Organisation for Standadisation (ISO) specifies the Quality Management System (QMS) requirements to be fulfilled to obtain an organization to become certified & recognized globally. The requirements are stipulated in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9004:2018 guide supplemented how to fills the gaps in understanding the requirements in ISO9001.
In view of focusing customer satisfaction irrespective of scale of the business, QMS certification enhances the trust of the customer, improves business continually, increases business sustainability and many more.
Consultancy services include initial gap analysis, training, support in reviewing & updating existing documents, monitor & review the installed QMS for adequacy and performing internal quality audits (IQA) to evaluate the effectiveness.


Establishing and maintenance of robust Security Management is an important aspect of an Organisation to secure physical aspects, physical surveillances, alarming, control of motion, etc as well as to establish of preventive security measures together with an incident tracking mechanism
Security aspects to be looked into as very serious, any lapse may cause unbearable loss to the organization. Professional approach very important for safeguarding the invaluable human resource and valuable assets, information, from any kind of damage, theft or loss. On the other hand robust workplace security environment way open to improve the efficiency and productivity of the company and customer satisfaction.
Consultancy services include initial gap analysis, basic training, support in reviewing & updating existing documents, monitor & review the installed Security Management System for adequacy and performing periodic reviews to evaluate the vigilance & effectiveness.


Earn recognition +++ being a Resource Person

Qualityedu  invites EES* qualified resource persons (RP) to join their academic, non academic and consultancy teams to associate closely towards outlining & improve the courses, training & vocational skill development. This is an opportunity to work from home & earn in leisure while touching the cutting edge of e-learning concept and technology. Consultants too are invited to undertake consultancy services. EES* qualified Resource Person is an Expertise (E) with Experience (E) and Skills (S)

Academic staff is recognized as the most important and valuable resource in the Institution. We invite you to compute study packs in your expertise to meet our scope. You being an academic professional, we delegate with you the responsibility & authority for planning, designing to suit for e-learning and or training and undertaking to support students’ quarries. Entire course to be design* by you and ensure that is of your own origin.
You feel free to value your course since it directly depends on your income.

Non Academic staff is recognized as an important and valuable resource; with you we are unable to present a course with proper details. Context aligners, Script writers, PPT & Audio-Video presenters are invited to compute study packs more attractive, comprehensive, easy to grasp by students. You being expertise in your respective field, being invited to join our Non-academic staff. We delegate you with the responsibility & authority for planning, designing to suit the e-learning and or training and undertaking to review your work. Entire material you design* should be of your own origin.
You feel free to value your material since it directly depends on your income.

Consultants of any field of interest is welcome you to undertake assignments form our cliental. We value and respect you as an expertise professional in your field of activity to undertake tasks and organize to work independently towards completion within the agreed time frame. We delegate you with the responsibility & authority for planning, designing and in compliance with agreed scope of work. Laising with Client to provide the best services is under your scope of work while necessary support is provided by the institution. Required training, periodic revisions and support for the agreed period* to be provided to Client. Entire material that you used should be of your own origin.
You feel free to value your servicesl since it directly depends on your income.

Sponsors, well wishers & donors are warmly welcome with greatly appreciated. The institutions that render our services in large, that provide opportunity for industrial training and or employment opportunity for our students, Donors who facilitate contributions by cash, by resources, by sponsoring students for courses as a Social Responsibility are provided with advertising facility*.
Well wishes are make available with opportunity to publish their articles* in the website.