About Us

Who We Are

QualityEdu is focused online education and online assessment system in Higher Education, School Education & Community Education towards enhancing to develop balanced academic knowledge & vocational skills to become recognized “Certified Professionals”. 

QualityEdu is provides courses for Employed, Unemployed, Job seekers, School children & interested parties in community as well to upgrade knowledge and vocational skills.


Participants engage with Employment

QualityEdu bridge the gap between formally educated and experienced employees to enhance theoretical knowledge and vocational training to become a balanced employee in the trade, to increase the National Productivity being one of the goals.

QualityEdu’s concept is to provide a complete solution for the employees who are busy at their workplaces and in some cases difficult to get released from their workplaces for training and development.

QualityEdu’s courses are designed to meet work place demand and also to suit the academic and work experience of the participant. The Knowledge is transferred via electronic media and skill development is practically applied through case studies.

School Leavers or Participants seeking Employment

QualityEdu designed the courses from fundamental levels to higher levels. Upon completion of the basic levels, Participants will be provided with opportunity for training depending on the demand of the vacancy exist in industries registered with us.

School children

QualityEdu has opened up its online teaching concept to school children to get enhance the knowledge and developed the their skills to face competitive exams with confidence and accuracy.

Courses & Curriculum

QualityEdu’s courses are designed in APF concept and are module format. Each module has online and offline assessment. and Final assessment of online & offline combination together with a project work. Courses are designed with Foundation Level up to Diploma Level. (Note-A-Allow to select, P- Put in to practice & F – Face Assessment)

QualityEdu’s curriculums are in line with National & International to prepare students for their Examinations using online & offline assessments
QualityEdu’s curriculum preparation forum is handpicked out of the best in their own field of expertise and subjected to assure the quality for suitability.

QualityEdu is working with ‘Accreditation Institutions’ to obtain National & International proficiency certification.