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Cause & Effect Problem Solving Technique – Basic Course

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Cause & Effect is a basic tool to search backward to find the root cause/s for a problem and analyse. Some instances multiple causes may interact together to influence the problem. The Root Cause analysis is diagnosing of vital root cause/s for a problem, and provide with solutions to prevent recurrence or likely to be occur. This relationship is often used in graphical information text.

The knowledge enhancement, improvement of analyzing skills, practice with sense leads to improve quality by preventing recurrence & potential problems. Root cause analysis and corrective action is the pathway to eliminating current issues and preventing future problems.

This course designed to make understand and knowledge, value of data collection and application on quality tools used in quality improvements. In addition to get improve on analyzing skills.. Focused on anyone interested perform their job with improved accuracy, knowledge, skills, sense and also as a step to continues learning.

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